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Commercial Property West Sussex: Things to consider before renting a property

Renting commercial space is quite a difficult job. When you are looking for commercial property West Sussex, you need to make sure it supports your business type. The most important part of leasing a commercial property is choosing the right one.

KBA, West Sussex, offers one of the finest property advisors for expert services to the customers. They specialize in providing relevant options for offices to rent, along with recommending commercial property dealers, corporate real estate management in Horsham, etc.

Ask yourself the following questions before you set out for the search:

  1. What type of property you are searching for?
  2. How much space your property needs?
  3. Which on-site facility do you need?
  4. What consequences do you want to make?


When you are looking for a commercial property on rent in West Sussex, it signifies you will have it for operating your business organization for a longer duration. There are some things which one must consider while renting a commercial property.

  • Rates:

The government charges a certain percentage of rent from all the commercial tenants’ businesses on the property they rented.


  • VAT:

Many buildings are elected for VAT and as a tenant of a commercial property, you have to pay VAT on rents and service charges.


  • Insurance:

Tenants have to pay an array of insurances like content insurance, public insurance, and office insurance. An add up to the list is expected further depending on the area.


  • Legal Fees:

Most landlords prefer on a long lease to be signed. This requires a lawyer and the cost involved in undertaking the overall legal procedures.


  • Know about your landlord:

Know about your new landlord from the neighbors. Do your research about the owner and ask people who stay nearby to make you’re a suitable choice.

Questions to ask the landlord while renting a commercial property

  • How much is the rent?
  • When and how will the rent be reviewed?
  • How much is the business rate?
  • What is the procedure of bill payment?
  • What are your key responsibilities?

Once your business begins to flourish, you can then invest in a property for your company. KBA offers a wide range of services to help businesses to develop by having a suitable commercial property West Sussex, to operate from. What are you thinking of? There are various experts who provide a handy guide to renting a commercial property that will help to navigate the process smoothly with confidence. Get in touch with the professionals to get the best advice for your business.