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3 Scary Real Estate Scams Which Property Consultants Can Help You Dodge TODAY

If you think closely, purchasing a home or any commercial property is one of the biggest investments that a person makes in their lifetime. The money is huge but so are the chances of being scammed. Property consultants are a must for your real estate transactions because the domain is filled with criminals who try and take your money. Among all the fraudulent practices, we have presented 3 major scams in this blog.

Read on to find out –

Hackers prying for your money

There are various fraud prevention experts who have exposed such practices by hackers. At first, they hack into the email ID of your realtor and then follow the chain of emails. If you are near closing, the hackers send you e-mails from the ID and ask for payments. The payment goes straight to their account and there is no trace left. There are times when realtors or buyers tend to use public Wi-Fi in order to complete a transaction on the go. Hackers snap into such open networks and can hack the entire transaction leading to serious money laundering.

Bait and switch

This is a scam that you can face if you are planning to sell the property on your own. The buyer shall place “above market value” bait on the property to lure the seller and then switch the price once the deal is fixed. They do it with various excuses and extend the period immensely and you as a seller will keep paying the taxes and other maintenance fees unless the deal is finally closed.

Fake listings

Fake listings are done on various portals. If you get allured by the low price and pay to book the property, the cash goes in the hands of the con-clan. The real owner of the property has no idea of such listings.

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